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Your donation helps young people find their place in the world. It also helps contribute the respect of diversity in society. For each donation, GRIS-Montréal issues a receipt for tax purposes. The list of donours is not shared with any other organizations.

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From September to January, GRIS-Montréal is holding its Annual Fundraising Campaign with « Unlearning homophobia IS possible ! » as its theme.

Online donations, donations through the postal service, or through a personalized fundraising campaign : many options are available to you in order for us to reach our $225,000 objective !

« You’ll probably never find out ; but one thing is for sure, you will have had impact… »

Fernand Delorme,
School Principal, Senneville



Donations through the postal service

You can fill out the donation form and return it with your cheque made out to GRIS-Montréal :

#201, 3155 Hochelaga
Montreal (QC) H1W 1G4

Planned Giving

Immediate or in the future, planned giving allows you to support an important cause without causing prejudice to the financial protection of your loved ones. Gift of a life insurance policy, bequest in a will, gift of shares, charitable annuity or charitable trust are some of the ways that are offered to you. For more information and to find out about all of the ways of doing planned giving, contact us at 514 590-0016 or at

Donate a Car

Give your RV, your boat, your motorcycle or other vehicle to GRIS-Montréal through « Donate a Car ». Enjoy their free towing service or drop off your vehicle at their location to maximize your donation. Depending on its condition and its age, your vehicle will be recycled or sold at an auction.

One the donation completed, we will forward you a tax receipt within 45 days.

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GRIS-Montréal is recognized as a recongnized Canadian charitable organization and, as such, can receive bequests and donations from individuals to whom tax receipts are issued. The donations from individuals, schools and private companies constitute the single most important part of our annual budget. The ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du Québec (Ministry of Health and Social Services) also gives us funds in order to help run the organization. Many Unions proudly participate in the mission of GRIS-Montréal as well as MPs and MNAs and both Provincial and Federal Ministers. Lastly, GRIS-Montréal members also contribute generously to the financially support of their organization with of personal donations as well as by the organizing of fundraising events.