2017-2018 Fundraising Campaign

GRIS's Goal

2017-2018 Goal $250 000

Funds gathered



“A quick word to let you know how much your workshops were appreciated and beneficial. The principle is great, for students and for teachers, based on what I noticed. Everybody greatly benefited from these meetings where there was a mix of reality, humour, and respect. I saw people with the utmost integrity and this showed the students that it’s possible to be comfortable in your own skin, regardless of what the rest of society thinks. As a teacher, I have a personal mission to direct my students toward altruism, respect and positive social growth. You’ve made a huge contribution in this regard. These students are the society of the future...Your workshops opened doors for them. Thanks to the whole team! Bravo! P.S. I hope your proud of your actions! ”

Nathalie Ste-Croix
Teacher, Sophie-Barat High School, Montréal

“Know that it’s thanks to you that today’s school in Quebec can not only imagine including in its pedagogical activities lessons aimed at stopping bullying toward sexual minorities, but also to make it so that students called upon in their daily life in a healthy, frank and authentic way. In other words, you make it so that the ideas we are playing around with in class meet up with reality, and even have the ability to change reality. ”

Manuel Bugariu
International school, Laval

Homosexuality and bisexuality:
Debunking myths through our stories

GRIS-Montreal is 250 stories, 250 models, 250 ways to open minds, to make our voice radiate and to continue to reduce homophobia, lesbophobia and biphobia.


Every year, our 250 lesbian, gay and bisexual volunteers tell their stories in order to demystify homosexuality and bisexuality. Their captivating and often moving testimonials serve as answers to the questions posed by more than 25,000 people each year. With each hand raised, a more inclusive and open society emerges


With your donation, we can continue to do this outreach. Through your gift, we will build together a world where everyone can live without fear or shame.

Cabinet of campaign 2017-2018

Discover the members involved in our campaign team. Thanks to their conviction and their large network, they help us raise a large part of our funds.



“Having had the privilege to take the intervener training and participate in workshops in classrooms, I was able to recognize how devoted and serious the volunteers and staff were. I was also able to see the difference that each meeting had on the young people, whatever their orientation, by allowing them to demystify a subject that is often taboo and by putting a face and a story on our reality. It’s a privilege for me to once again this year lead a team of men and women committed to making a difference in fighting homophobia, intolerance and ignorance that still exist today. I invite you to generously support us. ”


“Since the first time I was involved in GRIS’s fundraising campaign, I became intervener myself and participated in several workshops in a school setting. During each workshop, I noticed that prejudices still exist, but most of all I was able to appreciate the impact that these workshops had on young people. Every day, GRIS’s work and its numerous volunteers contribute to demystifying homosexuality and bisexuality. I’m proud to join them in doing so. ”


"It’s with great pleasure that I join GRIS campaign again this year. Although great progress has been made over the years, much remains to be done to live in a world where prejudice and ignorance are no longer common. The mission of GRIS is precisely to promote respect and diversity. Together, by supporting GRIS, we can make a difference and build the society we will be proud of! Join me and make a donation."


"I have been volunteering for the GRIS-Montréal for almost two years. To this day, I've done 20 workshops in classrooms, so I met about 500 young people. I share with them my personal experience to help them put a face on homosexuality and bisexuality which they often speak with a lot of fear, disgust and sometimes even hate. I now appeal to your generosity to help GRIS continue its mission for a more open and inclusive world."


“I first connected with GRIS in 2014, when Robert Pilon contacted me to have my illustrators participate in the book Modèles Recherchés : l’homosexualité et la bisexualité racontées autrement. It was love at first sight for me. Right away, I wanted to get involved. After observing a workshop in a school, I decided to take the intensive training in November 2015. Following the intensive training, I officially became a intervener! Since then, I have offered workshops in classrooms 66 times, of which 37 were at the primary level! I really felt the impact that GRIS had on the lives of all these young people. Having two primary school aged children, I fell in love during my first workshop. Thank you GRIS for giving me the chance to share my story with all these young people! Here’s to a great 2016-2017 school year! I’m already looking forward to heading back into the classroom. ”


“A few years ago on volunteer day at KPMG, we went to GRIS to organize different questionnaires from workshops that GRIS had done in schools. I read very moving testimonies that brought me right back to my teenage years. I so would have loved to have had the chance to meet people from GRIS in my school to contribute to demystifying homosexuality and bisexuality! We need GRIS-Montréal! ”


“Lots of progress has been made over the last decade in Canada, and especially with regard to LGBT rights and same-sex marriage. But our community still faces a lot of prejudices and misunderstanding, in our schools and in our society. It was extremely enriching for me to work closely with my GRIS colleagues and all of the dedicated donors, in order to break these barriers and raise awareness around tolerance through my personal commitment. We all come from different backgrounds and we share diverse experiences, but we all have the same willingness to make the next generation responsible and give them the best tools possible by sharing our honest and authentic paths. ”


“Even though the reality for the gay community has vastly improved over the last few decades, I still see and hear prejudices toward gays and lesbians in my day-to-day life. I admit therefore that there is still work to do to eliminate homophobia and discrimination against LGBT people around the world. It’s therefore with a great amount of pride that I’m teaming up with GRIS-Montréal and its mission to promote the inclusion of homosexual people in society. But, support for this cause isn’t limited to gays and lesbians. Know that your donation, whatever the amount, will help young people of all orientations find their place in the world and will encourage respect for diversity. ”


"Going into schools to share their story, GRIS interveners allow young people to ask questions. Young people who still today don’t dare to be themselves. I had the chance to observe a workshop and I was impressed by the impact that one meeting can have. This organization is making a real difference by demystifying the reality of the lesbian, gay, and bisexual community. Help GRIS to continue the conversation to support diversity, give generously."


“In my career as a communicator, I always wanted to help people understand the world in which they live. Understand in order to fight prejudice, and this is exactly what touches me about GRIS’s mission. I’m therefore enthusiastically accepting to participate in the fundraising campaign so that volunteers can continue for a long time to help young people understand the world in which they live. ”


“GRIS is essential, because it opens minds, teachers tolerance and acceptance. Life might not have offered all of the necessary tools to young people, so they offer complex, positive and diverse role models. ”


"Why GRIS? I remember fear, sadness and misunderstanding; to live with a difference that can not be changed. I also remember and especially: the relief of finally expressing who I was. I could do it without being judged. It really gave me wings. How lucky to have been surrounded by informed and open-minded people. These wings, everyone has to be entitled to it. For me, participating in the fundraising campaign of GRIS is to get involved for an informed, open, colorful and diversified society. Give generously! "


"Right now, the planet is in great need of love, tenderness and openness. More than ever. Giving to GRIS is daring to believe that by bringing down prejudices, tomorrow’s society will be even more loving, curious and will accept human diversity in all its forms. I am joining GRIS's fundraising campaign again this year because I believe that GRIS's work with young people is inspiring the hearts and minds of tomorrow’s adults. Thank you for giving what you can. Even the smallest amounts helps."