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Joined the movement ! GRIS-Montréal officially launched its annual fundraising campaign under the theme: Homosexuality and bisexuality, debunking myths through our stories !

You have until the end of January to launch your own fundraising initiative to help us reach our goal of $225,000!

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1Enter your personal information
2Create your fundraising initiative, personalize it and explain why this cause is important to you!
3Become a friend of GRIS by paying an annual symbolic non-refundable fee of $5 (for people who are not GRIS members)
4Start fundraising by making a first donation to GRIS-Montréal (optional)
5Get approved quickly and receive the information necessary to follow your fundraising progress!
6Once your fundraising initiative is approved: it’s up to you! Share it on your social media networks, talk about it, and encourage your friends to donate to help you reach your goal!

NOTE : GRIS-Montréal reserves the right to monitor and change information related to donation information before publishing them and changing them.

Gris's goal

2017-2018 Goal $250 000

Funds gathered