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2018-2019 fundraising campaign

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Demystifying prejudice, one story at a time

GRIS-Montreal is a mosaic of stories that transform every space visited into a nucleus of change. Why? Because the individuals we reach are better informed about homosexual and bisexual realities and are thus able to reach more people themselves and share the knowledge we gave them. Through your donation, you could be the starting point of this incredible chain of events, like a snowball that gains momentum and grows as it speeds down a snow-covered hill.

Cabinet of Campaign 2018-2019

Discover the members involved in our campaign team. Thanks to their conviction and their large network, they help us raise a large part of our funds.


François Leclair

Groupe Leclair

Having had the privilege to take the intervener training and participate in workshops in classrooms, I was able to recognize how devoted and serious the volunteers and staff were. I was also able to see the difference that each meeting had on the young people, whatever their orientation, by allowing them to demystify a subject that is often taboo and by putting a face and a story on our reality. It’s a privilege for me to once again this year lead a team of men and women committed to making a difference in fighting homophobia, intolerance and ignorance that still exist today. I invite you to generously support us.


Louis Charette

Lavery, de Billy


Philippe Desmarais

I am a pharmacist and I help my patients every day by keeping them informed about their health. Access to information is the first step toward a better understanding not only of health issues, but of all aspects of society. I want to give back to my community by being actively involved with the GRIS. I am fortunate to be able to grow in an open and respectful environment; for that, I owe a debt to those who’ve come before me and have led the way. There is still a long way to go before homosexuality and bisexuality can be lived out loud and in peace. Bullying, violence and discrimination are countered through information and demystification. Thank you for your support!


Jean Elsliger

HEC Montréal

I have been volunteering for the GRIS-Montréal for almost three years. To this day, I've done 30 workshops in classrooms, so I met about 700 young people. I share with them my personal experience to help them put a face on homosexuality and bisexuality which they often speak with a lot of fear, disgust and sometimes even hate. I now appeal to your generosity to help GRIS continue its mission for a more open and inclusive world.


Sylvie Hamel

Anna Goodson Illustration Agency

I first started working with Gris in 2014, when Robert Pilon asked me if my artists could help illustrate his book Modèles recherchés. Immediately I fell in love with the project and got involved. I volunteered for a workshop for the first time in 2015. I really love meeting young people in schools. I feel it is important that I share my story with them. I thank GRIS-Montreal for offering me this chance. I intend to go on meeting and sharing with young people, and not so young people, for a long time!


Martin Leblanc


A few years ago on volunteer day at KPMG, we went to GRIS to organize different questionnaires from workshops that GRIS had done in schools. I read very moving testimonies that brought me right back to my teenage years. I so would have loved to have had the chance to meet people from GRIS in my school to contribute to demystifying homosexuality and bisexuality! We need GRIS-Montréal!


Byron Peart

WANT Les Essentiels

Lots of progress has been made over the last decade in Canada, and especially with regard to LGBT rights and same-sex marriage. But our community still faces a lot of prejudices and misunderstanding, in our schools and in our society. It was extremely enriching for me to work closely with my GRIS colleagues and all of the dedicated donors, in order to break these barriers and raise awareness around tolerance through my personal commitment. We all come from different backgrounds and we share diverse experiences, but we all have the same willingness to make the next generation responsible and give them the best tools possible by sharing our honest and authentic paths.


Shawn Salewski


'My name is Shawn Salewski, I’m gay, I’m 37 years old and I came out at the age of 21.’ This would be the statement with which I would start every awareness-raising workshop if I were a volunteer speaker for GRIS-Montréal. Touched by my candid testimony, the audience could then assign a face, a name and a story to the word ‘gay.’ As a member of the GRIS’s financial campaign committee for the past four years, I invite you all to join me in making a donation to this organization. Your contribution will help ensure that the GRIS’s 250 volunteers can continue to demystify gay, lesbian and bisexual realities for approximately 26,000 youth each year.


Philippe Schnobb

In my career as a communicator, I always wanted to help people understand the world in which they live. Understand in order to fight prejudice, and this is exactly what touches me about GRIS’s mission. I’m therefore enthusiastically accepting to participate in the fundraising campaign so that volunteers can continue for a long time to help young people understand the world in which they live.


Martin Watier


Every year, I tell myself it’s the last year. I tell myself we’ve evolved. But like la Poune and Dodo, I come back every year, because I hear things. Things like what the Pope said about psychiatry, like the conversion therapy clinic that opened in Quebec City, like the young thirty-something couple I hear referring to someone as “that girly faggot.” I come back because I believe we can be our true selves and love freely. I come back because I am convinced that we still need to do better. Thank you for donating what you can. Every donation makes a difference.