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Demystifying LGBT+ matters, it all starts with a question

GRIS-Montreal is a mosaic of stories that transform every space visited into a nucleus of change. Why? Because the individuals we reach are better informed about LGBT+ realities and are thus able to reach more people themselves and share the knowledge we gave them. Through your donation, you could be the starting point of this incredible chain of events, like a snowball that gains momentum and grows as it speeds down a snow-covered hill.

Cabinet of Campaign 2019-2020

Discover the members involved in our campaign team. Thanks to their conviction and their large network, they help us raise a large part of our funds.


François Leclair

Groupe Leclair

Having had the privilege to take the intervener training and participate in workshops in classrooms, I was able to recognize how devoted and serious the volunteers and staff were. I was also able to see the difference that each meeting had on the young people, whatever their orientation, by allowing them to demystify a subject that is often taboo and by putting a face and a story on our reality. It’s a privilege for me to once again this year lead a team of men and women committed to making a difference in fighting homophobia, transphobia, intolerance and ignorance that still exist today. I invite you to generously support us.


Sylvain Bellavance

25 years young, GRIS-Montréal’s vitality is married well with the maturity it has gained over these years. I started my work with GRIS several years ago, when I joined the Fundraising Campaign Cabinet and subsequently became a workshop facilitator. Being a workshop facilitator, I was able to fully appreciate how our interventions work to better our society. It’s with great pleasure that I’m joining the Fundraising Campaign Cabinet for GRIS’s 25th birthday. Our campaign will help ensure GRIS’s long-term success and to help us achieve our tour of Québec in 2020-21. Please give generously to GRIS to help support our important work.


Maurice Côté

I’ve been involved with GRIS for nearly a decade, and I’ve witnessed the evolution of Montréal society due to the incredible work done by our dedicated volunteers. But the path of progress is not always straightforward; even today, LGBTQ+ people are misunderstood and face prejudices in their daily lives. Our work is clearly not yet complete. Through my success in the corporate world, I’m conscious of the message of hope I can send to young people, that they can have a meaningful and satisfying career all the while being fully themselves. Thank for your generous support towards making a difference in the lives of LGBTQ+ people.


Daniel Boyer

Daniel Boyer graduated from Université de Montréal in physicial education and industrial relations. The product of the radical labour movement, he has been in turn the president of his union local and then secretary-general of the FTQ from 2010-2013, before being elected President of the FTQ at their 30th congress in 2013. Daniel wears many hats, including as a member of the administrative council of the FTQ solidarity fund. This year, he has joined the GRIS-Montréal Fundraising Campaign Cabinet to help further the organization’s mission of demystifying LGBTQ+ realities.


Steeves Bujold

Partner McCarthy Tétrault


Louis Charette

Lavery, de Billy

The 2019-20 school year marks 25 years of GRIS-Montréal. I am proud to serve on the Fundraising Campaign Cabinet for a sixth year. Our goals might be ambitious, but so were those who founded what would become GRIS-Montréal all those years ago. While the situation of the LGBTQ+ community has improved over the last 25 years, we’re still not immune to prejudice. The dedicated work of our 250 volunteers, demystifying LBGTQ+ realities, remains as pertinent as ever. Please, join me in supporting this important work. Thank you for your generosity.


Philippe Desmarais

I am proud to be serving for a second year on the GRIS Fundraising Campaign Cabinet. Last year, I completed the training to become a workshop facilitator. I met some fabulous volunteers and curious young people through the in-class workshops. I also saw that we still have work to do in order for LGBTQ+ people to live in harmony with society as a whole. Our workshops put a face to the realities faced by LGBTQ+ people and contribute to creating a world where we can be and love without fear. Bullying, violence, and discrimination are fought through demystification! Thank you for your generosity.


Raymond Doray

Lavery, de Billy

Raymond Doray is a lawyer with the firm Lavery and de Billy, practicing in diverse areas like information law, privacy law, administrative law, and constitutional law. He often argues cases before various courts, including the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada. Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, he holds a law license from the Université de Montréal, a master’s degree in public law from the London School of Economics, and a doctorate in legislation from the University of Ottawa. He has authored several legal works and publications. For several years, Mr. Doray has supported the fundraising and financial work of GRIS. In 2007, he married Jorge Meija Zarate.


Jean Elsliger

HEC Montréal

I have been volunteering for the GRIS-Montréal for almost three years. To this day, I've done 30 workshops in classrooms, so I met about 700 young people. I share with them my personal experience to help them put a face on sexual diversity which they often speak with a lot of fear, disgust and sometimes even hate. I now appeal to your generosity to help GRIS continue its mission for a more open and inclusive world.


Francis Gelinas

Courtier Immobilier - REMAX du Cartier

After taking over the family business, I often felt that I couldn’t reach the top of the traditional business world. This fear stemmed from the social issues arising when people don’t understand LGBTQ+ realities. Today, I’m helping GRIS ensure that young people and budding entrepreneurs can succeed in the business world and live their dreams without the fear of prejudice based on their identity. In short, helping us all, be.


Sylvie Hamel

Anna Goodson Illustration & Motion

I first started working with Gris in 2014, when Robert Pilon asked me if my artists could help illustrate his book Modèles recherchés. Immediately I fell in love with the project and got involved. I volunteered for a workshop for the first time in 2015. I really love meeting young people in schools. I feel it is important that I share my story with them. I thank GRIS-Montreal for offering me this chance. I intend to go on meeting and sharing with young people, and not so young people, for a long time!


Taras Kulish

Executive Director - Orchestre Classique de Montréal

Born and raised in Montréal, Taras speaks five languages and has more than 30 years of experience in the artistic world. With 18 years as an opera singer, in 2018, Taras became the Executive Director of the Montréal Classical Orchestra. From 2016 until 2018, Taras was the director of the Calgary Opera. From 2013-16, Taras was the Executive Director of the McGill Chamber Orchestra, before that, from 2005 to 2012, Taras founded and was the Artistic Director for the Green Mountain Opera Festival in Vermont. Taras completed his studies at Concordia University, the Schulich School of Music at McGill University, and at the University of Toronto.


Claude Marchand

LCI Education Network

Since 2014, Claude Marchand is the President and CEO of the LCI Education network. He joined the organization in 2008, as Director of Marketing, and showed continuous commitment to LCI Education’s vision of growth through numerous acquisitions and successful partnerships with the primary mission of connecting people to opportunity through high-quality education. With now over 3,000 people in the organization as well as thousands of students who graduate from local and international campuses yearly, Claude envisions the LCI Education to become the leader in private education around the world.


Byron Peart

co-founder GOODEE

Lots of progress has been made over the last decade in Canada, and especially with regard to LGBT rights and same-sex marriage. But our community still faces a lot of prejudices and misunderstanding, in our schools and in our society. It was extremely enriching for me to work closely with my GRIS colleagues and all of the dedicated donors, in order to break these barriers and raise awareness around tolerance through my personal commitment.


Shawn Salewski


Echoing the words of one of our volunteer facilitators, to me, GRIS is “the privilege to open peoples’ hearts and minds by breaking down prejudice”. For more than 25 years, GRIS has worked hard to break down prejudice towards LGBTQ+ people. However, even in 2019-2020, there is still work to be done, here in Montréal, and all over Québec. I am proud to serve on the Fundraising Campaign Cabinet for a fifth year for this great organization. Please support our mission by making a donation, large or small.


Martin Watier


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of GRIS-Montréal and the 5th anniversary of our collaboration with the Village St-Hubert, I’m joining the Fundraising Campaign Cabinet to support our ambitious goals. Thanks to GRIS, we’ve been able to spread our message far and we’ve stopped the development of prejudice in its tracks. Each donation, no matter the size, allows us to continue to pursue our mission. Thank you for your generous donation towards creating a more open, accepting, and loving society. Martin