2017-2018 fundraising campaign

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Homosexuality and bisexuality : debunking myths through our stories

GRIS-Montreal is 250 stories, 250 models, 250 ways to open minds, to make our voice radiate and to continue to reduce homophobia, lesbophobia and biphobia.

Every year, our 250 lesbian, gay and bisexual volunteers tell their stories in order to demystify homosexuality and bisexuality. Their captivating and often moving testimonials serve as answers to the questions posed by more than 25,000 people each year. With each hand raised, a more inclusive and open society emerges

With your donation, we can continue to do this outreach. Through your gift, we will build together a world where everyone can live without fear or shame.

Cabinet of Campaign 2017-2018

Discover the members involved in our campaign team. Thanks to their conviction and their large network, they help us raise a large part of our funds.