Our Organization

GRIS-Montréal, which stands for Research and Social Intervention Group, is a non-profit community organization that demystifies sexual orientation and gender identity by sharing testimonies of lived experiences. We are a family of more than 250 volunteers working tirelessly to build a more open and accepting society.

Our Mission

Founded in 1994, GRIS-Montréal is a non-profit community organization. Its mission is to ensure a better awareness of the diversity of sexual orientations and gender identities, and to improve the integration of LGBT+ people into society.

Since the values of our youths are being shaped in school, and that sometimes, unfortunately, ignorance can replace understanding, we have chosen to focus our demystification efforts in schools. We work primarily in high schools and CEGEPs in the greater Montréal area, but we have also adapted our interventions for 3rd cycle primary students.

GRIS volunteers are increasingly working with diverse populations such as French-language classes, youth centers, professional workplaces and senior centers.


GRIS-Montréal aims to achieve three main objectives:

Demystify the diversity of sexual orientations and gender identities into society.

Carry out research projects related to demystification activities.

Direct individuals needing more information towards other relevant LGBT+ resources.

Also, each of the GRIS-Montréal demystification workshops offered in schools targets these more specific objectives:

Developing self-esteem in youth who are questioning or in the process of affirming their identity and encouraging a positive attitude amongst those around them.

Developing an ability to demystify in order to interact with the outside world.

• Passing on an education process to professionals (particularly with those who work in a school setting) who have a theoretical understanding of sexual orientations and gender identities in order for them to develop new approach and workshop skills with youth and with the general population.

Spreading GRIS-Montréal’s expertise across community and public networks.


Our Spokespeople

Vincent Bolduc

Comedian, author, and storyteller – Spokesperson since 2008

“ I notice that starting in primary school, homophobic and transphobic comments are common and become a form of bullying with serious consequences. That has to stop. ”

Macha Limonchik

Comedian - Spokesperson since 2008

“ For a long time, I’ve dreamt of a school where everyone can develop, discover themselves and experiment freely, without facing contempt, insult and prejudices. By tackling homophobia and transphobia, GRIS-Montréal develops both tolerance and acceptance in the broader sense. It contributes to opening the hearts and minds of these future adults. I love that!!! ”

Our Team

Organizing more than 1000 workshops each year, ensuring that volunteers get the necessary training to allow them to demystify the diversity of sexual orientations and gender identities, contributing to research on homophobia and transphobia in school settings, evaluating the impact of our demystification workshops, and developing new approaches in response to an increasingly varied target clientele are just some of the important responsibilities undertaken by the GRIS-Montréal team.

Board of Directors

Catherine Duclos


Andrei Pascu


Alexandre Ladouceur Labonté


Oswaldo Gutiérrez


Catherine Skidds

Training Coordinator

Guillaume Fecteau

Demystification Coordinator

Olivier Vallerand

Research Coordinator

Eliott Corriveau Branchaud

Gender Identities Comitee Coordinator

Rita Tazi


Mathilde Baril-Jannard


André Valle


Marie Houzeau

Executive Director

Full-time staff

Marie Houzeau

Executive Director

Michèle Brousseau

Planning and succession coordination officer

Gabrielle Richard

Amélie Charbonneau

Research officer

Gabrielle Belisle-Richard

Operations Manager

Iris Linares

Training and development officer

Florence Poirier-Duhamel

Training and development officer

Nawal Maftouh

Communications Officer

Mélina Jimenez

Mobilization and development officer

Marion Brodeur-Laperrière

Administrative clerk

Aimé Cloutier

Research Assistant

Committee Members

The membership committee’s goal is to support membership recruitment and retention. In order to better reflect the diversity in the classrooms that are visited, there is a particular focus on women, trans and non-binary people, and people from cultural communities.










Awards and tributes

Since its creation in 1994, GRIS-Montreal has distinguished itself by the rigor of its method and the scope of its work. The organization has an excellent reputation in the fields of education, health and community action and has been rewarded more than once for its work in the demystification of homosexuality and of bisexuality among the population.


2019 : Canada's Volunteer Awards

Category "Social Innovation"

2017 : Together Against Intimidation Award from the Ministère de la Famille

The GRIS of Quebec

2014 : Prix Phénicia (Chamber of commerce LGBT of Québec)

New community implications

[for the success of the Disorientation evening organized in April 2014 with the support of the National Bank]

2013 : Prix Phénicia (Chamber of commerce LGBT of Québec)

[for the Artists on the Move, Citizens in the making.]

2011 : Prix Phénicia (Chamber of commerce LGBT of Québec)


[for the important contribution of Marie Houzeau, CEO of GRIS as a "member of a recognized professional order that has distinguished itself by the quality, creativity, longevity of its services within the LGBT community or by increases radiation. "]

2011 : Léo-Guindon Prize (Alliance des professeures et professeurs de Montréal)

[for the involvement of GRIS and its social contribution to the educational work]

2010 : Prix d’Excellence du ministère de la santé et des services sociaux catégorie « Prévention, promotion et protection de la santé et du bien-être »

[for our work and its impact on Quebec society]

2010 : Bourse de l’Association des médecins psychiatres du Québec (AMPQ)

[for our mission and contribution to the mental health of Quebeckers]

2008 : Prix Hommage bénévolat-Québec

Organization in action

[for our ability to innovate and implement strategies to coach, support and promote volunteer engagement]

2008 : Prix Phénicia


[for the quality of our services, which has attracted media attention to the LGBT community]

2003 : Prix Organisme du Conseil Québécois LGBT

[for our contribution to the development of the gay and lesbian community]

Members of GRIS-Montréal

2023-Marie Houzeau

Knight of the Order of Montreal

2019-Marie Houzeau

HR Recognition Award - NPO Category of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés

2018 - David Platts

Medal of the National Assembly

2018 - Michèle Brousseau

Finalist for the Volunteer Manager Award - The Volunteer Bureau of Montreal

2016 – Marie Houzeau

Prix Femmes de mérite - Engagement social du Y des Femmes de Montréal

2016 – Marie Houzeau

National Assembly Medal

2015 – Robert Pilon

Tribute Award, 40 Years of the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms

2015 – Robert Pilon

LGBT Council of Quebec Premiere Award

[for his book "Models wanted: homosexuality and bisexuality told otherwise"]

2014 – Olivier Vallerand

Volunteer Emeritus of the City of Montreal

2014 – Robert Pilon

Grand prix du Conseil québécois LGBT

2013 – Robert Pilon

Volunteer Emeritus of the City of Montreal

2013 - Janik Bastien-Charlebois

National Assembly Medal

2012 – Robert Asselin

Prix Bénévole par excellence

2012 - Robert Asselin

Médaille de l’Assemblée nationale

2011 – Robert Asselin

Prix Phénicia – Catégorie bénévole

2011 – Pierre Ravary

National Assembly Medal

2009 – Réal Boucher

National Assembly Medal

2008 – Robert Pilon

National Assembly Medal

2008 – Pierre Ravary

Prix Phénicia – Catégorie bénévole

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