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Changing minds can be rewarding - in more ways than one!

Come up with a project to fight homophobia and transphobia, make it happen and present it to us! You can therefore be eligible to win a $2,000 grant, see your efforts recognized and inspire others.

What is the GRIS-Simple Plan Foundation prize?

The GRIS-Simple Plan Foundation Prize is an initiative from GRIS-Montréal and GRIS-Québec, with the support of the rock group Simple Plan, that rewards innovative projects to fight homophobia and transphobia. You are a student, an educational stakeholder in a primary or secondary school? Submit your application by June 30th! Your project will be judged on its innovative character, the ease with which it can be reproduced in other schools, and the impact it might have on your community.

What is there to win?

You win a $2,000 grant, a commemorative plaque, a certificate for each person involved in the project and the guarantee that you have contributed to the fight against homophobia and transphobia! Please note that, in order to respect the philosophy of the prize, recipients must use the grant to finance future activities in their school community, aimed this time at fighting every form of discrimination (racism, sexism, LGBTphobia, etc.).

What projects have already been presented?

  • A week of activities organized to fight homophobia with workshops, quiz, etc.

  • Production of a film called “L’homophobie, ça tue! ”

  • Creation and sale of “You don’t have to be gay to stand up for gay rights” t-shirts.

  • Creation of a giant painting representing inspiring homosexual people, because of their work, their life, or their activities.

  • Removing the firewall from a school’s IT system in order to allow access to serious sites with information about homosexuality.

  • See attachment for complete list of projects


The GRIS-Simple Plan Foundation Prize is open to all projects aimed at fighting homophobia or demystifying homosexuality and bisexuality, carried out in a primary or secondary school in Quebec.

Administrative regions and addresses

For western Quebec,

schools in the following administrative regions:

04 Mauricie
05 Estrie
06 Montréal
07 Outaouais
08 Abitibi-Témiscamingue
13 Laval
14 Lanaudière
15 Laurentides
16 Montérégie

will have to send their case, with the form line, at the GRIS-Montréal:

By mail To :

3155, rue Hochelaga,
bureau 201, Montréal
(Québec) H1W 1G4

Or By e-mail :

Attaching all of the scanned documents info@gris.ca

For eastern Quebec,

schools in the following administrative regions:

01 Bas-St-Laurent
02 Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean
03 Capitale-Nationale
09 Côte-Nord
10 Nord-du-Québec
11 Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine
12 Chaudière-Appalaches
17 Centre-du-Québec

will have to send their case, with the form line, at the GRIS-Montréal:

By mail To :

363, rue de la Couronne,
bureau 201, Québec
(Québec) G1K 6E9

Or By e-mail :

Attaching all of the scanned documents info@grisquebec.org

The project can have been completed by one or more community stakeholders, one or more students, or by a group made up of students and stakeholders.

The project can be submitted by the person or people who completed the project, by anyone else from the school where the project was completed, or by someone outside of the school who knew about the project. In these last two cases, it is preferable to involved the people who carried out the project in drafting the application and that one of them sign the application form.

The project must have been completed within the current school year, except for initiatives that are permanent in nature. The deadline for submitting applications is June 30.

The projects will be judged on their innovative character, the ease with which they can be reproduced in other schools, and they impact they had on their community. The jury also reserves the right to give out a special prize, in the form they deem appropriate, to a young person or young people who carried out a project that clearly stands out from the other projects submitted, either because of its quality, its size, or its originality.

A jury will be selected by GRIS-Montréal for the western Quebec prize and by GRIS-Québec for eastern Quebec. The juries’ decisions will be final and without appeal.

The western Quebec will be handed out in September, during the press conference organized for the launch of GRIS-Montréal’s annual fundraising campaign.

The eastern Quebec will handed out in September as part of the Fête Arc-en Ciel, which GRIS-Québec participates in.

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